Brett Merl And Legal Club Of America Support The Breast Cancer Research Fund

Entrepreneur Brett Merl, CEO of Legal Club of America®, is an avid philanthropist with an interest in breast cancer research because the disease has affected several company employees. In an effort to show support for their struggles and find a cure for breast cancer, Legal Club is donating 2% of all revenues earned to the Breast Cancer Research Fund. Brett Merl has also invited client companies to join the fight against breast cancer with donations of their own.

Brett Merl Prominently Displays the BCRF Logo On Company Website

Brett Merl knows that support of the extensive research funded by BCRF isn't enough. He also understands the need to get the word out about what the non-profit organization does; to that end, he is displaying the BCRF logo, including the iconic pink ribbon for breast cancer, on the Legal Club of America website. The logo will also appear on promotional materials and advertising.

BCRF Is One Of Brett Merl's Favorite Causes

Brett Merl is a hands-on CEO who enjoys partnerships with a variety of charitable causes, but the Breast Cancer Research Fund is close to his heart. He appreciates the organization's dedication to funding cutting edge research regardless of where it is done. BCRF gives millions of dollars in research grants to scientists around the world as well as in the United States in an effort to fund the most promising research. Brett Merl is proud to say that Legal Club of America is part of the solution.

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